Upon a gracefully sloping knoll, surrounded by stately oaks, looking over Hull Street Road, Highway 360, there stands a most attractive white frame building and across the driveway, a magnificent brick worship and fellowship facility. This is Chesterfield Baptist Church.

Beginning as a log building in 1857, a constitution was signed by eight members, three men and five women, forming Chesterfield Church.Between this time and 1879, the church grew to forty-seven members and with the grace of God is still continuing to grow today. The original white sanctuary building that is still standing today was built in 1909.The beautiful Oak trees that can be seen today were planted in 1914 and are iconic to our church. Multiple renovations were made to accommodate the growth of the church family. 5 classroom additions were made between the 1920s and 1940s.In 1954, the church was turned around to face a new Highway 360, while also adding more classrooms, a full basement, and a porch.In 1974, dedication services were held for the parsonage and the new education building.This began the “walk across the parking lot” because they were located near where the current fellowship building is located. The parsonage, the minister’s provided home, was removed in 1999 to make room for the new sanctuary and parking lot.

On May 8th, 2000, the educational building was destroyed by a fire. From this tragedy, the church family persevered and condensed to fit into the classrooms and basement of the old sanctuary. Fortunately, the new brick sanctuary was dedicated on November 18, 2001, allowing the congregation to spread back out and fill the new halls.

The congregation prides itself on being involved in missions. Chesterfield Baptist Church has been a member of the Middle District Baptist Association (MDBA) since 1908, and the Women’s Missionary Society (now known as the Women’s Missionary Union, WMU) since 1913.Vacation Bible School was first held in 1938, and has occurred every year since.In 1975, the church started a nursery school “to provide opportunities for children to share together in learning about the world and themselves in a Christian atmosphere.” The nursery school was closed in 1991.

The church body has continued to grow and prosper in the light of the Lord. It has been blessed beyond measure to have such a strong history in dedication and faith amongst its members. It is hoped that guests and members alike feel the warmth and dedication for the Lord as so many have before. Join the Chesterfield Baptist Church family today and help continue the path that so many before knew could be possible.


Address: 16520 Hull Street Road, Moseley, VA 23120 | Phone: (804) 739-2197 | Email: office@chesterfieldbc.org

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