I love that picture. I love the idea of ‘looking ahead’. This recent picture is very much the same view that Moses saw from Pisgah Peak on Mount Nebo, (Deut. 34:1). At that time, God was showing Moses where He was about to go to work in amazing ways as He led His people into the Promised Land.

Dr. Henry Blackaby, now in his eighties, says:

* God is at work all round us.

* God invites us to join him there.

As I look out into the future, I can see the potential this church family has for the Kingdom of God. We have already started over the ridge and down into the valley of taking hold of Jesus’ Kingdom of God mission in our time and place. What a privilege it is for Coach Jim and me to play roles in helping Chesterfield church in seeing where God is at work and then join Him in what He is doing!

I see two immediate keys over the next three months. I wrote in last month’s newsletter about the first one. Call it the “art of loving your neighbor.” Where does that come from? Jesus. Remember the Second Greatest Commandment. Not everyone can sing, teach, preach, etc.; but everyone can be the good neighbor who is at work with God building the Kingdom that Jesus spoke about. (Note — Being that kind of a neighbor isn’t just about being one in your subdivision or on your road. It is much great than that.)

The second key “to advancing Jesus’ mission in our time and place” is ‘emotionally healthy spirituality’. The reality is emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are biblically inseparable. To grow spiritually mature we must grow emotionally mature. There is a direct connection between ‘loving your neighbor and yourselves’ (what Jesus said) and growing in emotional healthy spirituality (what Paul often wrote about in many of his letters to his churches. See 1 Cor. 3:2). They build on other each. Think synergy.

Starting with the first Sunday morning in May our ‘Spiritual Conversations’ over the coming three months will focus on both the knowledge side (biblical command of ‘loving both neighbor and self’ and the call for maturing in ‘emotionally healthy spirituality’) and action side (the practical ways we can live out the commandment and the call). I know God will bless each step we take as we ‘grow’ forward His way into His plan for Chesterfield church.

Grace and Peace, iPastor Dean


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