Thoughts on Texas and 288 — 360 Corridor

Our hearts, and the hearts of all Americans, are with the people of Texas and the areas off to the East of that State as we start this month. Our Virginia Baptist Disaster Relief Teams will soon be there showing the love of Christ in action. (Special thanks to Dr. John Upton, Executive Director of the BGAV for bringing last Sunday’s message and leading us in prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.)

In addition to the help of clearing away the physical damage of thestorm and offering needed supplies, our Va. Baptist volunteers’ presence produces another important element – compassionate friendships. Knowing that others care enough to give of their time and treasures will encourage our neighbors to the Southwest with active hope.

Providing life-sustaining and enhancing hope and friendship is part of our on-going mission here along the 288 — 360 corridor. In fact, during the months of September and October, many churches experience their greatest influx of people who are seeking a spiritual home and family. They may or not be in the midst of a catastrophe; they may have moved into one of our neighborhoods during thesummer. Maybe they have sensed this change of seasons as a change of season in their lives, so now they are willing to investigate the claims of Jesus for the first time.

When people face change in their lives, whatever the reason, thehuman need for connection to others rises to the surface. Science has confirmed that the more close friendships a person has the more physically and emotionally healthy they tend to be. In fact, there are multiple studies that confirm the importance of spirituality in physical and mental health. All of that makes sense when we look at God’s word. The Great Commandment links the best in life to connecting “God – Neighbors – Self” together. Acts describes the healthiest community coming together. It was a community that met each others’ needs even when it meant significant effort, gathered for close fellowship in each others’ homes, and came together to learn from Scriptures.

In the months to come, let us continue to pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and supply their needs. And let us also actively search out the needs in our community through which we can be Good Samaritans and share the Good News. Let’s invite our neighbors to join us at CBC so that they can investigate who Jesus is and the new life that He talks about. Let’s personally take responsibility for welcoming those new persons who come for worship looking for a church home.

Grace, Peace, Agape 

Pastor Dean


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