On December 31, 2016, after 25 years at Chesterfield Baptist and 40 years of pastoral service to the Lord, Pastor David Engleman retired . On January 1, 2017, we welcomed our intentional interim pastor, Dr. Dean Frazeur. Pastor Dean, alongside our church coach Dr. Jim Hamacher, will lead us through a year of transition.

This page has been added to help Chesterfield Baptist stay informed about the search for a new Lead Pastor and to guide their prayers during this time. As updates become available, they will be added with new information and requests.

Meet the Pastoral Search Committee

The Pastor Search Committee members have commenced the research process. We are so excited to be serving you and will be seeking God's guidance each step of the way. We are working as a committee with each member choosing a leadership role. The team members are listed below with the role they have chosen Please feel free to contact any member with questions or concerns or if you are excited and have an idea to share! We will continue to keep you informed throughout this process through the newsletter, weekly blast, announcements, and notes. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

 Doug Morris (Public Spokesperson)  dougandamymorris@comcast.net
 Mike Robinson (Prayer Warrior)  mikerobinson11@comcast.net
 Sherry McGrady (Secretary)  sherrymcgrady@yahoo.com
 Donna Stables (Convener)  dstables2014@gmail.com
 Jeff Osterbind (Pastor Search Veteran)  jeffosterbind@gmail.com
 Susan Brennan (Office Liaison)  youth@chesterfieldbc.org
 Kelly Rawllins (Church Coach Contact)  krawllins@gmail.com

UPDATE: JULY 10, 2016

At the regularly scheduled bi-monthly business meeting, the Nominating Committee presented the list of nominations for the Pastoral Search Committee. They are as follows: Sherry McGrady, Mike Robinson, Doug Morris, Donna Stables, and Kelly Rawllins. Alternates are Susan Brennan and Jeff Osterbind. Coming from committee, no second required. Vote to accept was unanimous.



Church Coach Report - Dr. James Hamacher; 804-239-0996; Jim@mdba.org


It is a pleasure to begin this spiritual journey with Chesterfield Baptist Church.  It is an honor to serve you as Church Coach during this interim. 

You will want to know that Dr. Dean Frazeur, your interim pastor, and I are in frequent communication, and I am glad to see how we are working as a team to provide the best ministry possible to the fine people of Chesterfield.  In fact, we will be sharing the sermon on Sunday, January 22.  The Interim Search Committee is to be congratulated on choosing such a capable and dedicated minister to serve as intentional interim.  I have all the confidence in the world that he will do an outstanding job. 

Pastor Dean and I will begin to visit in the Sunday School classes on January 22.  The purpose of these short visits is simply to get acquainted with the congregation and, primarily, to listen to what the people have to say.  I am interested, and as church coach, it is important that I “listen” and not just “talk”.   Pastor Dean and I are here to serve and for that reason we want to do all we can to connect with the people.

Last fall, I met with the Pastor Search Committee and look forward to our next meeting together on January 19.  My first meeting with the Church Council was this past Thursday, and I was impressed at how much they already had planned for 2017.  Likewise, after attending the January Deacons’ meeting, I was very impressed with the commitment and involvement of your deacons.


  • If you ever have any questions, please call me at 804-239-0996, or email me at Jim@mdba.org day or night. Please do not hesitate.  
  • My reports to the church will be in the church’s newsletter, and they will also be posted on one of the hall bulletin boards. Watch for my yellow paper. I have asked that the reports also be available for you in the church foyer.  Stop by anytime and pick one up.  After reading it, stick it in your Bible as a reminder to pray for me. 
  • Also, information will be on the church’s website. A new page is being added to the site so you can get the very latest on what is happening in the Search Committee’s efforts. 



Transition Team

The Transition Team is one of the key groups with whom the Church Coach will work closely in accomplishing his responsibilities.   (The Transition Team is not the Pastor Search Team.)  Upon calling the Church Coach, the congregation made the wise choice to use a Transition Team. 

From January 22 – February 5, church members may prayerfully nominate up to five people to serve on the Team.  Ballots may be placed in the offering plate or in the ballot box in the fellowship hall or foyer.

Purpose and Responsibilities

The Transitional Team will guide the congregation in giving thought and prayer on how best to move forward the church’s ministry and prepare for its future under the direction of the new pastor.  Upon the arrival of the pastor, the formal work of the committee will conclude. During the interim, working with established ministries of the church, deacons, church council and other leaders, the Transition Team will help the church:

  1. Celebrate and reflect on the story of God’s blessing and providence in Chesterfield Baptist Church.
  2. Lead the church and its ministry leaders in assessing Chesterfield’s current strengths and challenges; and its organizational and leadership needs.
  3. Clarify and re-affirm the doctrinal and denominational heritage of the congregation.
  4. Focus all ministries to reflect the church’s unique mission, vision and values.


The team will be composed of up to nine (no alternates) of the most positive people who are spiritually passionate about the future toward which God is leading Chesterfield Baptist Church.  The Transition Team will be representative of the church’s diversity, including men and women, younger and older people.

Nomination and Election Process

The Transition Team will be nominated by the church from January 22 – February 5.  On Saturday, February 11, the deacons will review the list of all persons who have been nominated and suggest the order in which the individuals should be interviewed.  (Individuals who have been listed the most often will receive priority consideration.)  The Church Coach will interview nominees. Deacons will present the final slate of individuals to be voted on by the church in the March 12 business meeting.  The following Sunday they will be presented to the congregation in a time of blessing and dedication. 



Church Coach Report - Dr. James Hamacher; 804-239-0996; Jim@mdba.org

Enjoying the Sunday School Visits

During the past few weeks, Pastor Dean and I have been visiting in the Sunday School classes. We wanted to get to know you a little more and wanted you to get to know us as well. I can speak for Dean, when I say we have truly enjoyed meeting you and hearing your concerns, dreams, and hopes. The visits have been a good time of fellowship. . 

Transition Team Conversations and Election

I have been very impressed with the persons the church has nominated to serve on the Transition Team. As I have had personal conversations with them I have noticed that, without exception, these people care deeply for Chesterfield and also fully realize the church must be willing to adapt to the challenge of moving forward into the future. Their concern is genuine and their attitude is positive – what more could you ask for! . 

At the March deacons’ meeting, I will present the names of the people who have indicated a willingness to serve. Then at the church business meeting on March 12, the deacons will present the Team for the church’s official election. I am anticipating that on March 18, the Team will be presented to the church for a time of blessing, as they begin their work.

Clarifying and re-affirming Chesterfield’s doctrinal and denominational heritage

In this age of significant doctrinal diversity, even in Baptist life, it is important that the perspective pastor, the Pastor Search Committee and the church have a clear understanding of the church’s current doctrinal positions and its denominational heritage. This subject is one of the four topics to which the Transitional Team will give attention and provide the congregation the opportunity to discuss and study. Given the timing of Easter this year, I anticipate that this topic will dealt with soon after Easter. . 

Search Committee

Working with Chesterfield’s Search Committee is a true delight. As you can imagine, there are different phases in the process of looking for a new pastor. This first phase is the preparation stage and involves a lot of prayer and work behind the scenes. I hope you read carefully this month’s report from the Search Committee to catch a glimpse of the progress they are making. . 



Pastor Search Committee Report

The Pastor Search Committee met on February 21st. Coach Jim Hamacher continued training with the group, sharing information about “best” practices to follow. The search committee is currently working hard on the four tasks listed below. They will be consulting the BGAV for resource materials and work with the Deacons, Church staff and committees to accomplish these tasks. The committee covets your prayers during this process. Please feel free to contact any of the members with questions or to share a thought or idea. We meet again on March 21st. 

We are working on these four tasks:

  • Develop a Pastor compensation packet (salary, benefits, etc.)
  • Updating and preparing Pastor Job Description
  • Planning and developing a church survey
  • Preparing a list of questions to ask potential candidates

Address: 16520 Hull Street Road, Moseley, VA 23120 | Phone: (804) 739-2197 | Email: office@chesterfieldbc.org

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