What can you expect when you visit? A friendly atmosphere with lots of smiling faces. We are a Southern Baptist congregation with a rich history and bright future. We are a welcoming family of faith, helping each other begin, belong, and become in Christ. Although our church is historic and traditional, our Sunday message is relevant, and we are committed to building a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What should you wear? Some people wear ties; some people wear jeans. We want you to be comfortable. We don’t focus on what people wear.

Which door should you use? We welcome and greet Sunday worshippers through the set of double doors closest to Rt. 360 of the brick church building.
You’ll notice a smaller white church on the property that is part of our rich history.​

Will you be asked to give an offering?   As a guest, you are welcome, but not expected, to make an offering. The Offertory portion of our service is a time of celebration at Chesterfield Baptist. Our members are excited to give as part of their commitment to God and the church. 
​​Will you be singled out as a guest? We do not ask our guests to stand or introduce themselves, but we would love to meet you and give you a welcome gift.
Do we offer childcare? We have nursery for our youngest guests (ages birth – 3). Children age 4 years - 5th grade gather for Children’s Worship to learn the teachings of Jesus in an age appropriate atmosphere. On months with a 5th Sunday, children Pre-K - 5th grade worship with their parents within the adult service.

How often do we take Communion? We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of even months (February, April, June, August, October, and December) and on special holidays.

Do you have to know what you believe before you attend? No, we have people in our faith family who know what they believe as well as those who are still trying to figure this God and Jesus thing out. We are a community on a journey to begin, belong, and become in Christ.